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Who is Vernon Keith Ruffin Jr.

                      AKA Keith from up the Block?

Vernon Keith Ruffin Jr is a Philadelphia born Actor, Comedian, Recording Artist & Producer with over 25 years of experience entertaining people globally on stage, tv & film . He honed skills as a young adult at Philadelphia's Creative & Performing Arts High School where he graduated as Best Dramatist but not before studying comedy improv, hosting a TV show on Fox 29 & starring in a music video for the 90's rap group Kriss Kross. It was during this video shoot that Film Production sparked his interest. 


Upon graduating he enrolled in The Art Institute Of Philadelphia for Music Video Business & began interning at Philadelphia' popular local  Music Video TV Show Urban Xpressions. His acting, flare for comedy and improv eventually gravitated him to host and produce the TV SHow for 10 years under the monicker KeithFromUpDaBlock. On “Urban X-pressions,” Vernon's talents as an intelligent hilarious host and quickly caught on among the neighboorhoods of Philly. Keith interviewed 50 Cent, Jay Z, Beyonce, Beanie Seigel, Music Soulchild, The Roots, Isaac Hays, LL Cool J and many more. More often than not, he made these big stars crack up, and the laughter was infectious.


It was only natural that after Urban X-pressions went off air that he would turn to Stand Up Comedy. By mixing his music ability along with acting, pop culture knowledge and improv he was a hit at Philadelphia's Laff House and comedy spots in Philadelphia, New York & Vegas. This landed him a recording contract with Game Recordings out of Las Vegas, Nevada. At this time Vernon also turned his attention to Youtube by producing & directing videos that went viral & he even danced for The Philadelphia 76ers Broad Street Beefcakes for 2 seasons. 


To Date Vernon has 12.8 million Youtube Views with 49,000 subscribers globally & has recorded 8 full length comedy albums. Since 2007 Vernon has appeared on The Dr Phil show, Vlad TV, MTV's Ridiculousness, VH1's Undateable & Triumph's Summer Election Special 2016 on HULU. He was the host & solo opening act for rap icon JAY-Z for his Philly lap of The Hangar Tour as well as doing 6 shows with Kevin Hart, Jay B. Smoove , Michael Blackson and many others. He has appeared in several TV commercials for The 76ers, Forman Mills & SEPTA. As a producer Vernon has wrote, directed over 80 commercials for TV & WEB & movie trailers for movie theaters. He has also produced major comedy/music events including Stand Up AT The Movies inside The Pearl Movie Theatre , Sunday Night Live at The Laff House & Freedom Justice Laughter at Freedom Theatre. 


Multi-Talented, energetic, diverse, hilarious & intelligent. Vernon Keith Ruffin Jr is many things but his greatest ability is actually bringing out the best in new performers/producers. Behind the scenes knowledge coupled with on screen/stage experience allows Vernon to understand the science of performance art no matter if it is comedy, drama, urban or mainstream & give that knowledge to performers, producers and directors for Stage, TV & Film. 

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