Spitwell Apparel

Hip Hop inspired Tee Shirts 

and other apparel.

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Marahlia & Company

All natural soaps, candles, body butters & whips and more...

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I followed the white rabbit down the rabbit hole. I can not share in words what I have learned, but give my audience a glimpse of what is down the rabbit whole if you dare. Different dimensions, realms, worlds and timelines of the universes as long as you are willing to search. What you are looking for, is also looking for you....

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Terrestrial radio in the new millennium has become limited in its’ offerings in music selection, entertainment value and to some extent staying connected to communities. The New FM Band is primarily for adults but we are a family friendly station. We care about the content and quality of music and community based shows that we share with our listeners. This mission to provide quality programming; it's not a numbers game…it’s all about you!

To our listeners and supporters,  you are PHENOMENAL. We LOVE YOU!

Thank you and please continue to enjoy the vibe on The New FM Band...

Where Good Music Matters

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