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Gratitude: The "G" Spot is our way of giving thanks for all that we've achieved and have  been supported through especially during times when it seemed that all hope was lost. We are infusing gratitude into our programming to help encourage others to pause and take stock of their blessings so that they might become a blessing to others.

Growth: Overcoming something that which you may not have known you needed to correct within yourself is something to be celebrated. Any steps toward living your best life as the highest version of yourself is a potential lesson that might save someone else from traveling down that dark path from which you just emerged. 

Grace: We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with images and sounds that seem to impose unrealistic expectations upon us. This can often leave us feeling the pressure of all of that hype. There are times that we feel like we don't measure up...Who's yardstick are we using? Who's standards are we trying to meet? Grace allows us to be kind to ourselves, patient in the knowing that our best is yet to come.


We invite you to share an account of something you're grateful for; an area where you recognize how you've grown or a time when you found yourself performing an act of Grace for yourself or someone else. Your statement should be no more than two minutes long and you can either send it in (PRINT) to our contact page or email it (with "G" Spot in the subject line) to us by clicking the link below...or you can call our number listed below. Press #3 and leave your message.

Email us: Type"G" Spot in the Subject line

Call us: 1.844.418.00FM or (36) (Press #3)


to leave your "G" Spot message

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